Top Features That First-Time Farmers Should Look For In A Tractor

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There is a reason Australia is going to play a significant role in feeding the world as the global population grows. According to recent estimates, the global population is expected to hit 9.7 billion people by 2050. Combined with shrinking arable land, it is easy to understand why a lot needs to be done to ensure there is enough food to sustain the growing population. Therefore, as a new farmer, you need to buy the right equipment because you are going to play a critical role in growing the global food basket. Notably, you need a tractor that will do the job. This article highlights critical features to look for in a modern farm tractor, such as a solis 90 tractor.  

Attachment Compatibility

Traditional tractors had fixed accessories, and this forced farmers to buy many different tools. However, this has changed over the years as manufacturers continue to develop attachments that make farm work efficient. While this has been a significant step, it is crucial to understand that some manufacturers only deal with the design and development of tractor attachments. It means that the manufacturers dedicate all their resources to research and development in a bid to come up with the best tractor attachments. Therefore, would it not be best if the tractor you want to buy was compatible with these third-party attachment manufacturers? Such a tractor is not restrictive and will therefore allow you to attach tools of your preferred choice.

Tractor Ergonomics

Most people who are trying farming for the first time usually buy small tractors as part of their first pieces of equipment. The reason is that learning to operate a small tractor is easy and prepares you well to handle bigger tractors in future. However, you must be careful because some tractors in this category are not comfortable. The interior is cramped up and gets quite uncomfortable after a few hours. Your objective is to buy a tractor whose features are arranged with the operator's comfort in mind. For instance, the seat must have shock-absorbing mechanisms and offer lumbar and neck support. Additionally, controls on the dashboard must be within reasonable reach while still allowing enough space for the operator to move their arms.

GPS Technology

Why do you need a global positioning system in your tractor? In this day and age when farmers strive for efficiency and precision, GPS technology is indispensable. Gone are the days when a farmer had to guess the amount of fertilizer they should buy or experience inaccuracies in the division of farmland. GPS equipped tractors promote precision farming, which helps farmers to achieve their goals efficiently. For instance, if you are planning to intercrop, then you need to divide your farmland accordingly, and GPS technology allows you to measure each section accurately.

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