3 Tips for Making Homemade Pet Food from Farm Produce

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When buying food for your pet at the store, you might be overwhelmed by the number of brands claiming to offer the healthiest products in the market. However, the only way you can be sure of your pet's food source is to make it yourself. It is even better to source your supplies directly from a farm since they are fresher. However, you must consider certain factors when making pet food at home with locally sourced farm produce. This post provides more information about preparing pet food, such as dog food.

Digestibility -- You can spend hours making pet food, but your efforts will account for nothing if your furry friend cannot digest it. Notably, most people fail in this regard when making homemade pet food with farm produce. If you make indigestible food, your pet will begin to lose weight since most of what they eat will not be fully absorbed into their system. The best way to establish whether you are making indigestible food is to examine your pet's stool. Loose faeces indicate that you are feeding your pet less digestible food. On the other hand, well-formed and minimal-volume stool means that you are providing your pet digestible food. Most importantly, add enough fresh vegetables to homemade pet food to make it more digestible. 

Balanced Diet -- This is where you need to be very careful because it is easy to forget to add specific nutrients to pet food as you try achieving the right portions. Your pet needs a balanced diet, and diversifying your sources goes a long way toward making it possible. Since you are sourcing your supplies directly from a farm, you should not struggle to make a nutritionally balanced meal for your pet. Just remember to use different vegetables, meats, and nuts throughout the week for a balanced diet. As long as fresh supplies cover all nutrient groups, your pet's health is guaranteed. 

Pet's Likes and Dislikes -- Pets are like children: the more, the merrier. Besides, just like kids, making food for several pets can be enjoyable, albeit challenging. Thus, it is crucial to understand your pet's likes and dislikes before you prepare any food. For example, some dogs hate beans but will readily eat tofu, while others do not like vegetables but love fruits. Therefore, study what your pet enjoys to help you customise and prepare a nutritionally balanced and enjoyable meal. 

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